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[To the end of Acty Truck production! ] A great lump of technology! A light truck is a Japanese treasurer

Honda's Acty Truck was first released in 1977. It is a light truck that is a successor model of Honda's first four-wheel model "T360" and "TN360" released in 1967, but it was revealed in June 2021 that its history will come to an end.

 Acti trucks that have a strong presence in the unique design of light trucks in Japan. This time, I would like to introduce how Japan's light trucks have evolved independently and are excellent products, comparing with rival Suzuki "Carry Truck" and Daihatsu "Hijet Truck".

 Also, there is no successor light truck in Honda, and the termination of Acty Truck means withdrawal from the light truck market. I would like to consider how this withdrawal will affect Honda in the future.

Withdrawal of the light truck market that could lose domestic market share
 Honda "Acti Truck" is said to end production in June 2021. I asked dealers Honda Cars, “I have heard about the future trend of the light truck market and the profitability of developing a new car. "I'm not sure, I haven't heard about the successor model."

Oh ! No.
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