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When I saw the future, I became uneasy. Unreasonableness of government response, lonely environment ... It seemed that I was the main offender of cheating. There are many cases that students are sacrificed. The media company will begin to report stories of the bereaved family since the victim died. In the evil environment that is involved in crime, the artist acting on the stage on a stage hesitated to want cocaine and marijuana in private. I confessed to myself that I am a memory impaired, while students living with antisociality personality disorder treatment living and people living while fighting the boundary line personality disorder coexist. I confessed that I was a dissociative identity disorder. Even though I only met for the first time, there were people who knew it. I continued studying to find the cause of the difficulty of coexistence. A classmate who falls apart with me that can not bloom. Some people are thinking about business and death in the Internet, but the big people keep socializing tweets for killing time. I felt a sense of crisis when I learned of a high school student throwing an ethics textbook towards the wall.


The growth rate is different for each person. Take your time. I have something I want to tell from next generation to the next generation, but my life is not yet a successful person. As a reference example, it is about promoting discovery learning by copying and pasting the description of the textbook .... But it depends on the moral view of SNS administrators, I will erase my tweets. "It seems impossible for you to understand the feelings of criminals," he said. If they seriously thought about abuse, the news agency would find value and be a business opportunity ...


When I saw the future, I became uneasy. Because if we were able to move more quickly, there was a possibility that I could become happy even if it did not become the fraudsters' s compliance.


Even if I tell you about the difference between Illuminati and Freemasonry, those who give priority to money rather than human rights will choose the way of terrorists. The difference in how to catch points the difference in way of life.

イルミナティとフリーメイソン の違いについて教えても、人権よりお金を優先した人たちはテロリストの道を選択してしまう。捉え方の違いとは、生き方の違いを指し示す。

Dissociative identity Disabled people think that it is difficult to establish identity. But if you have expert knowledge, right to know and living right and property right, you can survive. I want you to realize the difficulty of encouraging learning without annoying others.


Even though I'm thinking about business from the beginning, it would be impossible to build a relationship of trust. First of all, I think that it will be necessary for people who will take on the role of followership who will give advice while affirming their way of doing things. But if the other party is in the rebuilding period, I wanted to be a follower.


I pray that we can reconcile each other when we meet in the future. Failure comes with business. But success comes with life. If you understand the meaning, use the window of Jorge. Use Adler 's psychology. I am using an open window. you are?

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