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This day I rented a car in Kanazawa and headed Noto peninsula. First I went to Hotta-no-yu in Himi. It was located in the mountains, and surprisingly my mobile was not available due to weak mobile wave. Next I went to Nanao ruined castle on the mountain. The view there was fantastic. Then I went to Castle Museum, the guide there sang Shigin of castle for me.
After that I headed to Wakura onsen for Bentenu, just sento, not onsen. Then I went to Mitsukejima in Suzu city. I've been there about 15 years ago. The island looked like a battleship. Next I went to Takarayu near there. It was a retro sento but its water was natural hot spa. The shopkeeper was young. At last I reached Wajima, the final distination on that day. I went to Tokiwayu in Wajima, then went to Sukezushi, a local sushi restaurant. The sushi there was really great with various local seafoods, enjoying some local sake. And price was very reasonable! The master was very friendly! I definitely recommend this place!
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