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Number 4133 Ken Griffey Jr

English exercises.

Ken Griffey Jr. seems to really like Shohei Ohtani
waterhead, watershed
every facet of a field of endeavor. faucet
I chatter about a parcel
I endeavor with exertion
My impulse substitutes margarine for butter, I replace butter with margarine
outcome by Bruises. blues
reimburse by water cooler chatter
an asylum seeker accrues psoriasis
If all he did was sane pitch
saddle makes subtle change
grant insane asylum
bent a rule. a bend of the elbow. flex
God was lazed to no punish this shit
Crime and Punishment
God similar to the form Michael Jordan
God disguised as Michael Jordan
an old idea in a new guise
Welcome to the "unknown unknowns,"
Secretary Rumsfeld who was a warmonger and torturer!
a vice breaks a spell
the act of observing
to make observation of something
Observe the progress
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