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Number 4132 yep or nope

English exercises.

bumps have ridden with consequence
accelerate a car, accelerate economic recovery
be stark bonkers
The law constrains me , constraint, The police restrains me, restraint, restriction
I bump it, bump
I scrape it. scrape
I stoke up a furnace. stoke
crude oil, rude lampoon
coarse‐grained prose.
courtesy, courteous grain
seized latent faculties
somehow he implements , somewhat nature is a whore
Kinetic Chain from exclusive torque
static implementation, apathetic reproductive glands
midst rebuke of diligent linkage
Four‐percent interest will accrue on your savings.
posse comitatus at passage
Via Dolorosa impress , express dire infamy
We can have some more
Tender age in bloom
Knows not what it means
And I say yeah an implement
stockpiles of conversions
yep or nope, fam..lmao
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