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Number 4037 bathe me in serenity

English exercises.

Please come, and bathe me in serenity again. Yes, I was wholly and entirely happy...
A brave dog saved her owner's life by stopping traffic and flagging down a truck when she collapsed during a walk
The air is breezy, and you are surrounded by the richness of history and culture
you must fiercely show off tangible assets
Tangible clique affirms our conceit
I may stun when God glare me.
commitment occupy assignment
She glimpse affirmation
Why do you deny reliable quarantine?
Did He sharply cringe jolly affection?
He was fleeced me his money
I remark him menacingly
Brainstorming is gateway to the world
I faint by intense intent
He manipulate right of denial
Sense of an Ending stands out affection now
We argue bald affront
rationing insulin turn out an answer.
The range of application somewhat erased
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