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Number 4036 mislearned

English exercises.

Word of the day: PRESQUE VU - when you *know* you know something, but can't quite remember it
Arguable one of the greatest NTR plot twists in anime history
They are at daggers drawn
They are at daggers drawn with each other
She stared at me at school
I have another round of drinks at least not today
neurodiversity drive to the well
numerous Japanese is learning to hunt down own self
annotated scores swatted an eerie attitude
I decipher legacy lest drive to the wall
Bizarre Adventure uncertainly tows neon genesis
We enroll decipherable font
I do what have to be done to
frog flog flag in the well
She has to unlearn what she has mislearned
I'm an eerie man by cause to unlearn
Throw garbage cans onto a field to boos
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