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Number 4027 put the dagger

English exercises.

The close rapport Akira Kurosawa shared with Andrei Tarkovsky is always worth-having!
"Tarkovsky told me that he always sees Seven Samurai before shooting his new films. This is to say that I always always see his Andrei Rublev before shooting.” ~ Akira Kurosawa
‘Tradition is not to preserve the ashes but to pass on the fire.’ Gustav Mahler
Oops welcome to jolly trouble
Disaster never discriminates to people
It destroys all life
my dedication serve to you
The accident was caused by a conjunction of three mistakes.
my time is subordinated to his time
If people loved Asian people as much as they love bubble tea, anime, mochi, sushi, matcha etc... Imagine profiting/enjoying things that come from a culture and then attacking/diminishing the ethnic group that created it.
Nothing can justify this atrocity.
Brady put the dagger
The ball game
put an against team away
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