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Mission: Impossible 2

I saw the movie, "Mission: Impossible 2", a 2000 action spy film directed by John Woo and produced by and starring Tom Cruise, Thandiwe Newton and Dougray Scott.
It is the second installment in the Mission: Impossible film series.
Screenplay by Robert Towne, the same writer as 1996 film Mission: Impossible.
Box office was $546.4 million----a big hit!

Usually, I don't like action movies very much but I like to watch ones Tom Cruise is starring.
I don't know why, though.

I used to read Frederick Forsyth's books and I liked his
spy novels, ones about secret agents working for secret service.
They are working to prevent plots by villains or nations dangerous enough involve people all over the world.
I was so impressed by those stories about secret agents
working for the important tasks at the risk of their lives.

Forsyth used to be a journalist.
So many of his books are based on a true stories.
They are fictions but large parts of those stories are
The heroes of the novels are fiction, but I guess they have some people modeled.

They usually seem like ordinary persons, but once they receive orders from an intelligence service, they greatly change to a great men like a superman!
And thanks to those people in each countries, the peace in the world is kept up.
How cool they are!---I was so moved.

And in this movie, Ethan Hunt( Tom Cruise) and his companions-- Luther Stickell( Ving Rhames) and Billy Baird( John Polson) are doing that.
Really cool.
And I know this series are fictions but not just pipe dreams.
It's actually realistic.

The story is very thrilling and interesting.
A bio-chemical company creates a fatal virus and it's
But they are stolen by villains.
And IMF orders Ethan Hunt to take them back.
While he and his companions investigate, they found that
the CEO of the company is plotting to make a large profit
using the virus and it's medicine.
He is trying to spread the virus his company created all over the world!
Then it's medicine will sell like a hotcakes!

Ethan and his companions need to fight for their life to block people all over the world!

I realized why this series are so popular.
It's entertaining movie with funny scenes and a little impractical scenes like transforming oneself into someone--very fun to see, though.
But actually stories are very practical.
And above all, stunts of Tom Cruise and other actors are

I've already seen other versions of this series at least
once each.
But want to see repeatedly.
I'm looking forward to write reviews of other stories of this series.

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