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Transplantation completed

Thanks to 18mm lens flange back design of SONY E-Mount system, an original helicoid construction could be transplanted in back side of the lens flange. 8.5mm drawing forth makes 1/4.5 close-up shooting. All the shiny surfaces are painted in frosted black color avoiding unnecessary diffuse reflection. Flange lock pin support is formed with room temp. polymerization acrylic resin.
On the other hand, heritage Canon EE demi 17 was destroyed miserably at all. As the way of an apology, most important part of this old camera, Canon SH 30mm/1.7 lens has survived now on digital image format like a phoenix by my desperate effort.
18 mm protrusion of lens element is easily acceptable for my coat pocket like nothing.
75gr lighter, small and short modified Canon old lens would be taken around for every photo session from now.
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