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Autumn season now

I came across with a rare scenery this morning, locusts, probably a couple. At the same time felt some loneliness, their lives would not last long, because change of seasons now reduces outside temperature gradually. I hope their duty would be established well for next generation. The Gene structure of them do differ very little from us, this might be why I feel some sympathy on them with nostalgic feeling.
About an inconvenience on Air-Cooled VW Beetle 1302, it is long lasting instability on steering stabilization.
Doubting the reason in steering linkage including the construction of the gear box, conventional worm gear.
I thought that it is caused by a fundamental phenomena by them, but I just scaled wheel bases R/L yesterday finding out 5mm discrepancy, right side shorter, the result met with a slight right side running habit.
Checking the bracket supporting on frontal suspension, front stabilizer also playing a part of tension rod, no apparent problem was found, next checked I the end of stabilizer end fixation that is passing through a lower arm with rubber bush!
Finding out the criminal there, considerable antero-posterior backlashes were there!
It causes inconvenient front & rear movement accompanying with caster angle, toe angle and changing of wheel bases length.
It is quite a reasonable reason that had been causing the unstable driving feel at all.
Though I have prepared new rubber bushes a stock, I would like to try to insert a piece of rubber sheets between the gaps as a experimental trial eliminating backlash.
As for the result, next report with pics.
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